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here's a collection of all the cool websites i've found. give them some love!

Name Description Button
MelonLand Project Like... so many things. Home to the MelonLand Forum, Surf Club Webring, and a bunch of other awesome sites!
Neonaut A simple website with lots of interesting articles.
The Website Obesity Crisis A transcript of a 55-minute talk. A long but insightful look into page bloat.
Motherfucking Website It's a motherfucking website. What else?
Better Motherfucking Website Another website? On my motherfucking internet? ♡ Counter-movement to excessive copyright restrictions.
anonymous animal "active every hour, on the hour, for fifteen minutes"
Internet Archive THE internet archive. Home of the wayback machine!
Archiveteam A wiki for the Archiveteam group. A great place if you want to start archiving, and has lots of interesting pages.
Version Museum A visual history of the most prevalent websites and software.
Totally Free Cursors Heaps of custom cursors. Left-handed ones, too! Tiled backgrounds, fonts, layouts, and more! You might recognise a few things this site uses.
88x31 Web Button Maker The most extensive button maker I've seen. Best supplemented with an image editing program to animate it. Ironic, huh? A large list of kaomoji! o(>ω<)o
Colour Contrast Accessibility Validator A great tool to check your webpage's readability. You can also just use it to check how certain colours work with each other! Protip: don't test my website because you'll be disappointed.
Coolors Generate random colour palettes, with a surprising amount of customisability.
Colorzilla's Gradient Editor Want gradients? Of course you do. Use this! Alternatively, use CSS Gradient if you want simpler code.
Make Wordart A simple tool to generate Wordart. I used it for my banner :)
Dither It! Reduces the colours in your image. Super customisable, you can make some really cool effects with it!
GIMP GIMP (short for GNU (short for Gnu's Not Unix (originally known as UNICS (short for Uniplexed Information Computing System) in reference to Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service (I'm not sorry for making you read this)))) Image Maniuplation Program) is a free and open-source alternative to things like Photoshop. You can even animate gifs in it!
A Webring List Ultimate directory to webrings (and webring directories)! Also see The State of Webrings by Neonaut and Sadgrl's Webring Directory.
Peelopaalu A massive directory with over 1,000 sites! Contains links to every kind of site imaginable.
Internet Graveyard List of dead websites.. and websites about dead websites.
88x31 A large collection of buttons. Each one leads to someone's website!
Fun & Games
This Website Will Self Destruct It'll self destruct unless somebody writes it a message every 24 hours. Do you really want that on your conscience?
Sporcle Quizzes about geography, vexillology and history.
The Wiki Game A game where you start on a random Wikipedia page and have to navigate through the links to a certain article.
jspaint A browser recreation of old mspaint.
Awful Hospital: Seriously the Worst Ever Remember how readers could comment to tell the characters what to do in early Homestuck? This is like that except they never got rid of it. Super awesome webcomic!
iNaturalist Record sightings of animals and participate in 'Bioblitz' events. Or just look at the animal sightings in your area!
coolmathgames Old browser games. Remember Run 2?
SpaceHey Wish NeoCities was more user-friendly and social? This is the site for you!