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a list of my neighbors on the web

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Name Description Button
99GIF shop A collection of old-web style GIFs from places like GifCities.
Bonnibel's Graphic Collection Lots of pixels in every size! Has blinkies and stamps too, but they're not the focus.
pixel-soup Tumblr blog with a huge variety of pixels. Often reblogged from the original creator so you know who made them! Massive amount of graphics for just about everything. Online icons, glitter text, dolls, and more! One of the most mainstream sites.
jasminnie's materials Huge collection of every kind of pixel. Lots of frames, backgrounds, and anime stuff!
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gothiclolita's materials Variety of different graphics. Mostly pixels and page decor.
strawberry gashes Counters, frames, borders, and other self-made assets. A wide variety of graphics, with some HTML too.
lizzy's stickerbook A smaller collection. Borders, backgrounds, and other web materials.
homuhoard Has a little bit of everything. Lots of dolls!
gifcity Not to be confused with GifCities. Has a variety, but heaps of codes, blinkies and miscellaneous icons.
nukocities Heaps of Nuko favicon!
finns pixels Primarily a favicon site, but has a lot of dividers too.
pixels.crd Good collection of favicon. Not for the weak computer.
TextureTown Over 3000 textures! Most of them tile.'s Tiled Backgrounds A smaller collection of backgrounds, some of them animated.
Tenshiikisu's Background Masterpost 500+ backgrounds, plus some pixel and anime scenes.
Simple Repeat A library of simple hand-drawn backgrounds, as well some decorative PNGs.
hekate2's free website tools Background images and some background generators.
Background Tiles Even more backgrounds. I think you're starting to get the idea.
Old Web
animatedglittergraphics A Tumblr blog with lots of masterlists for dividers, buttons, blinkies and much more.
The Icon Depot An archive of a graphics website from the 90s. Lots of authentic old web assets!
Betty's Graphics Literally thousands of vintage GIFs and icons.
GifCities A massive archive of literally every GIF on GeoCities.
Do You Yahoo? A curated collection of GIFs from GeoCities. Also see This Page is Under Construction and Please Mail Me.
old windows icons 32x32 icons from old games and software.
CatStuff A very old website dedicated to cats. Thousands of cat-related graphics!
Free Web Art A 25 year old graphics archive.
Dark Wolf Grafix Another super old collection. Dividers, backgrounds, and some clip art.
Other Stuff
ichigo directory A massive directory of graphics and sozai sites. Blinkie generator. All the blinkies you could want!
MyBlinkie Another blinkie maker. A bit older.
90's Cursor Effects A few neat-looking cursor effects for your site.
scripted HTML for your website! Scrollboxes, fancy text, and more.
The 88x31 GIF Collection 5 pages of buttons!
The Largest 88x31 Collection on the Internet What the tin says. More buttons!!
A.N. Lucas's 88x31 Button Collection A slightly more curated collection of buttons.
Web Badges World Thousands of 80x15 web badges for your perusal.
80x15 Brilliant Button Maker A tool to generate your own 80x15 badge. A bit archaic, but that's okay.
sozai.pooftie Backgrounds, transparent PNGs, and cute lace assests.
The Super-Simple Userbox Maker A neat tool that generates code for a custom userbox.