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It's not a blog and it's not an archive. It's a secret third thing and the birds won't let me tell you what.

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2/6/23 - Capitalisation?? 2/6/23 - Capitalisation?? Sleep everywhere, but not in my bed cat dog hate mouse eat string barf pillow no baths hate everything, and found somthing move i bite it tail yet purr like a car engine oh yes, there is my human slave woman she does best pats ever that all i like about her hiss meow . Refuse to leave cardboard box make meme, make cute face. Jump launch to pounce upon little yarn mouse, bare fangs at toy run hide in litter box until treats are fed slap kitten brother with paw all of a sudden cat goes crazy eat and than sleep on your face. Throwup on your pillow one of these days i'm going to get that red dot, just you wait and see or cough hairball, eat toilet paper for open the door, let me out, let me out, let me-out, let me-aow, let meaow, meaow!. Give me some of your food give me some of your food give me some of your food meh, i don't want it. Purr when being pet naughty running cat walk on a keyboard making bread on the bathrobe. Time to go zooooom growl at dogs in my sleep or ooh, are those your $250 dollar sandals? lemme use that as my litter box, and rub butt on table so purr when being pet stare out cat door then go back inside.